Privacy Policy

Personal Information

My Head Hurts collects the following information:

  • Headache event history, including severity and time of day information
  • Treatment history, including medications and medical procedures

All headache and treatment information is stored on your phone. It is never stored on remote servers. It is not used for any purpose outside of the My Head Hurts app.

Because your headache and treatment information is only stored on your phone, removing the app will delete all data stored within the app, and recovery will not be possible.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are sent by email. If you have received a promo code for the My Head Hurts app, we have recorded your email address in a database for the purpose of verifying the promo code when it is used. The email addresses associated with promo codes are deleted from our database after 45 days. Promo codes are never sent unsolicited, and we have only captured your email address because you provided it to us for the purpose of receiving a promo code.

When you use a promo code in the app, we will store your email address and promo code expiration within the iOS keychain so the promo code can be applied across all your iOS devices.

App Analytics

My Head Hurts uses Google Firebase to collect the following analytics data within the app:

  • Usage information for improving and developing features
  • Crash reports for debugging purposes

Aalytics data does not contain any personally identifiable information. Analytics data is used internally when planning future versions of the app. With the exception of what is stored in Google Firebase, analytics data is never shared with third parties.

Web Analytics

My Head Hurts uses Google Analytics to track visits to the website. Google provides a statement regarding their compliance with applicable privacy laws. Google Analytics does not track any personally identifiable information and My Head Hurts does not provide any user information to Google Analytics beyond what their service collects.

If you would like to block Google Analytics, you can install a Chrome browser plug-in.

Bottom Line

We don't receive any income from selling your personal information to third parties. Rather than offer a free app that is supported by in-app advertising or selling user information, My Head Hurts is supported by subscription revenue.

Your subscription is the app's only source of revenue to keep things running, so thank you for your support.